Letter from the President

Seminole Friends and Colleagues –

2016 is well underway and it is with much excitement that I cordially invite you to attend the 2nd Annual Alumni Conference Weekend (April 8th – April 10th) hosted by the FSU Asian American Alumni (AAA)! While our organization is very much in its infancy, I want to share some details about the upcoming event and some insight into how we can all build a better FSU AAA together. I’ll start by outlining the three major goals of the upcoming Alumni Conference Weekend.

The 1st major goal is to engage our members with current faculty members and administration. We currently have the following guests lined up to meet this year’s attendees (click here for the full list of speakers):

All attendees will be able meet and mingle with our special guests and better understand how important you all are to FSU’s vast alumni network. Attendees will also have the rare face-to-face opportunity to offer perspective and suggestions into how the alumni association can better serve current alumni needs.

The 2nd major goal is to illustrate how FSU AAA members can make a difference in the Seminole community through professional advice and networking opportunities. We will be hosting a mentorship event which will give you a chance to meet current students, graduating seniors and new alumni to offer advice you’ve gained through your experiences. These conversations could make a huge difference to both undergraduates and alumni alike, who may have a lot of passion for their field but seek more direction that can only be gained through experience. If you would like to be involved further, a major 2016 initiative will see the formation of a mentoring program. The organization’s vision for the mentorship program is to facilitate direct engagement with undergraduates and graduates who will become our colleagues and fellow alumni members. This will allow all to open their networks and expand their future professional and social opportunities.

The 3rd major goal is to outline the board’s personal vision for the future. We would love to receive your feedback on the feasibility and value of the following short- and long-term initiatives:

This discussion will allow us to focus our efforts on a selection of these items and hopefully bring them to fruition. Attendees are encouraged to become actively involved in any of these initiatives if they feel like they can make a meaningful contribution.

Finally, if you are unable to attend, you can still support the organization from afar. In addition to the aforementioned mentorship program, members are actively encouraged to engage with other FSU AAA in their region and begin networking. Looking to the future, the creation of local and regional chapters of FSU AAA will make our ‘Nole family a little closer. Additionally, we are always grateful for financial support in any amount. We are in the process of establishing banking and PayPal accounts, but you can currently donate directly to our Venmo account (@FSUAAA). We currently have approximately $250 that was generously contributed by current alumni members. No donation is too small and any support will go towards the completion of our 2016 initiatives and beyond.

We are still in the planning stages and will have more exciting details in the very near future. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email. If you already plan on attending, please register for free HERE. I look forward to seeing many of you at our Seminole roots in Tallahassee soon!

In Seminole Pride and Spirit,


Zach Heng
President and Co-Founder