Alumni Highlight – March 2016

With lots of activity and accomplishments brewing among the alumni, we will be highlighting one member each month to share a little insight into the personal news from around our FSU AAA community.

Sorry for missing February! We were busy finalizing all of the details for Alumni Weekend. This month, we are highlighting an alumnus who played a huge part in growing the Asian American community at FSU as the Founder of what is now known as the Korean American Student Association (KASA).

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Name: Song Ki Kim (LinkedIn)
Graduated: 2003 – BS in Information Systems, Business Minor; 2005 – MBA (with an emphasis in Finance); 2007 – MS in Accounting Information Systems
Location: Washington, D.C.
Occupation: Information Technology (IT) Manager

Interviewed by Thomas Jeng

  1. What does your job entail?

    “I manage projects for creating and developing financial budgeting systems that help people forecast and plan their projected costs.”

  2. What do you like most about your job?

    “For the time being, it’s having a lot of interactions with people because it’s always different. There’s a lot [of systems] that needs help developing which helps the business(es) do their job better and enhancing their experience with the system. I make plans and execute those plans to improve systems so that it can perform its job better.”

  3. What does a “day in the life” look like for you?

    “Nowadays, since I work a lot, it looks like meetings with executive leadership and directly with development teams that develop code to update the systems and the businesses. I typically work about 8 to 10 hours a day, but luckily I haven’t been getting off too late recently.”

  4. It sounds like your work day often extends beyond the typical 9-to-5. How do you balance your professional and personal life?

    “I try to make sure to leave work on time, as well leave work behind. Staying active and planning things to do also helps me look forward to certain activities so I can make sure to live life outside of work.”

  5. So what are some of your interests and hobbies?

    “I play some sports, enjoy music and especially food. I try to do an activity a weekend like playing soccer, basketball, football, ping pong, listening to music of all genres and playing guitar. And DC has enough culture for you to do 10-20 things every weekend if you wanted to.”

  6. What inspired you to become an IT Manager?

    “It was driven by more of a hobby and interest in the area. I never thought of myself as professional in business and consulting until I entered the work force. In general, technology is a hobby for me which helped launch me into the role I have now as an IT manager.”

  7. Words of advice to undergrads who are seeking the same line of work?

    “It depends on what you’re looking for. My first recommendation is to finish your degree and try to pursue what you want and always diversify yourself. If there’s an optional course outside of the major, it’s always beneficial to learn it, especially in areas of technology.”

  8. How did your college experience prepare you for your current job?

    “I learned to balance my schedules since I worked while in school. It taught me how to be responsible with my schedule. My part-time jobs included being a restaurant server and interning as an IT Consultant.”

  9. What organizations were you involved in at FSU?

    “I was involved with [A]ASU and primarily with KUSA (Korean Undergraduate Student Association), or KASA as it’s known now.”

  10. What is one of your fondest memories at FSU?

    “One of the biggest things that was a lot of fun was combining the organizations in (then) ASU and going on a camping trip for a weekend. It was very fun and lots of people were involved so we tried to make it annual event. Apart from that, we also did various activities like playing football and raising donations from restaurants and vendors around town teaching us important lessons in teamwork.”

  11. Reflect back from freshman year to now. How have you evolved as a person?

    “I’m more sure about my life decisions and the direction I’m heading career-wise. I’m more stable in life to support myself financially and emotionally which comes with time and experience.”

  12. Tell me about an accomplishment you’re most proud of?

    “Earning an MBA and Master of Science degrees [from FSU].”

  13. What kind of goals do you have planned for the future?

    “My short-term goal would be to get promoted. My long-term goal is to either retire at a certain point or get to an executive level and then retire. It’ll depend on how long it takes for me to achieve certain milestones.”


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