Alumni Highlight – January 2016

With lots of activity and accomplishments brewing among the alumni, we will be highlighting one member each month to share a little insight into the personal news from around our FSU AAA community.

For the first Alumni Highlight of the new year, we are shining some light on an alumnus who has been a big supporter of FSU AAA since the organization’s birth. For those who joined us for the FSU vs Miami Tailgate (October 2015), you may remember him as our awesome grill-master!

Mitchell Headshot

Name: Mitchell Herring
Graduated: 2011 – BS in Chemistry
Location: Tallahassee
Occupation: Attorney

Interviewed by Thomas Jeng

  1. What does your job entail?

    “I write contracts for health care-related department needs in addition to general attorney work, which mainly involves client management.”

  2. What does a “day in the life” look like for you?

    “I get up at 6:30am, do my normal morning routine like eat breakfast and I’m at work by 8 and leave around 5. After work, I usually exercise, eat dinner, wind down and in bed around 11.”

  3. What do you like best about your job?

    “I learn something new every day because a new problem arises every day.”

  4. What makes FSU memorable for you?

    “There were a lot of opportunities. I had several jobs like research and teacher’s assistants for chemistry labs. It’s a lot of work like most science majors. Chemistry acts like a bridge to other sciences and, as a chemistry major, I dealt with inorganic chemistry such as solar panels, electronic structures, and conductors.”

  5. What inspired you to become an attorney versus staying in the science field?

    “I talked with a few professors and took classes from religion and law school. My professors recommended that I go law school after noticing I had bigger interest in law.”

  6. Words of advice to undergrads who are seeking the same line of work?

    “Look beyond the classes you are currently taking. There are opportunities out there and work for what you want. College doesn’t teach you how to do your job. [College] teaches you how to do ‘your thing’ and it trains your brain to solve problems, how to think and expand your research capability. If you’re a new graduate, for right now try to grab as much experience as you can.”

  7. Life outside of work, interests and hobbies?

    “I’m all over the place. I play golf, go to the gun range, and cook. I bounce from hobby to hobby so there’s no one thing I stick to.”

  8. What organizations were you involved in at FSU?

    “During my time at FSU, I was primarly involved the Filipino Student Association, but I was basically involved with anything under AASU.”

  9. Reflect back from freshman year to now. How have you evolved as a person?

    “When I first entered college, I was like everyone else – young, curious and had an inclination to be more adventurous. As I grew older, I became a bit more cynical and generally learned not to do stupid stuff.”

  10. Tell me about an accomplishment you’re most proud of?

    “In 2014, I passed the bar exam which I prepared for with 3 years of relevant work experience and 3 months of studying.”

  11. What do you look forward to or anticipate for your future?

    “I’m working towards and hope to become a general counselor for a private company, hospital, or university.”


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