Alumni Highlight – April 2016

With lots of activity and accomplishments brewing among the alumni, we will be highlighting one member each month to share a little insight into the personal news from around our FSU AAA community.

In honor of Alumni Weekend where we are partnering with the Asian American Student Union to celebrate its 20th Anniversary, this month we are highlighting an alumnus with incredible vision and leadership. The Asian American community at FSU is forever grateful to one of the Co-founders of the [then] Asian Student Union (ASU).


Name: Rich Sealy
Graduated: 1997 – College of Business
Location: Evans, GA
Occupation: Commanding Officer, Naval Operations Support Center (NOSC) Augusta

Interviewed by Rosalyn Chen

  1. What does your job entail?

    “I am the Commanding Officer at Naval Operations Support Center Augusta in Augusta, Georgia leading approximately 200 sailors within my unit. I develop procedural policies (figure out which direction to take my unit), make sure [they] carry out orders and provide guidance my unit.”

  2. Did you join the Navy through ROTC in college?

    “No, I majored in Business in college. However, I didn’t feel fulfilled with a typical office job. Growing up, my father was in the military and I really enjoyed the structure of it which is part of the reason I wanted to join. I always wanted to be a leader, especially to younger people, and feeling like I made a difference in the world on a daily basis. That feeling of accomplishment is what I strive for.”

  3. You must have traveled a lot throughout your career, right?

    “Yes, I’ve been to over 30 countries in 5 different continents. Even with all the travel, you actually get more downtime than [most people] think like the weekends to explore the different cities. Since I’m more ‘outdoors-y’, my favorite place I’ve visited has been Australia. The nature and beautiful landscape of Australia really drew me in. Spain was a nice place to visit, too, as was San Diego where I spent 10 years. I enjoy living in temperate climates.”

  4. So what are some of those outdoor activities and hobbies that you enjoy?

    “I really enjoy hiking. The best places to hike are out west, like Utah. I’ve also lived in Rhode Island which was ideal for white water rafting. Unfortunately, summertime in Georgia is often too hot [for white water rafting]. Other than that, my wife gives me plenty of projects to do around the house. Haha!”

  5. It seems like you’ve done quite a lot throughout your life, what’s an accomplishment you’re most proud of?

    “Definitely the birth of my daughters.”

  6. Do you think they’ll follow in their dad’s footsteps??

    “Join the military? They’re very free spirits. I don’t think that would be ideal for them. Haha.”

  7. You’ve left an incredible legacy at FSU as one of the Co-founders of the Asian Student Union. What made you want to start this organization?

    “When I first arrived, there were many Asian students on campus and even a few cultural clubs. However, there wasn’t a uniting agency to bridge all of them like the Black Student Union (BSU), Hispanic Latino Student Union (HLSU), etc. I visited other campuses who did have an Asian Student Union and wanted to bring that to our campus, but I was just a freshman then. It wasn’t until much later on that I met Faye Hunt and worked together to get this idea off the ground. We did research, talked to the Student Government Association regarding our bylaws and created a petition [to start the organization]. I was about to graduate shortly after ASU’s founding, but I’m glad that other members stepped up to take over and lead the organization’s growth. I’m thrilled with the continuity of the organization.”

  8. What are some of your fondest memories at FSU?

    “Definitely helping create ASU; it was difficult, but enjoyable. I remember, for the Homecoming Parade, we had to borrow a lion dance costume from the Chinese Consulate down in Miami. Some of our members who lived there were able to haul it to Tallahassee [from Miami]. The next year, I think we just kept the costume. Haha.”

  9. The legacy you’ve left behind, in AASU, is now celebrating its 20th year which is an amazing milestone. Having only been around for a year and a half, FSU AAA is growing and seems to be following a similar path as ASU once did long ago. As one of FSU’s valued alumni, what would you like to see [FSU AAA] do to increase its outreach to FSU’s alumni members?

    “The newsletters are a great way to keep everyone updated on personal accomplishments and milestones. I think having more regional social events would excite people, since I’m sure the alumni have relocated to different parts of the country over the past 20 years and would love to reconnect.”

  10. Absolutely and I’m sure FSU AAA has plans to host regional events in the future. Speaking of the future, what kinds of things are you looking forward to?

    “Career wise, I would like to continue advancing and lead a bigger unit of young sailors. Otherwise, I just look forward to living a happy life. I’d love to move back to San Diego or the Pacific Northwest to retire someday. I really enjoyed my time there.”


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