20 Questions with Mia Lustria


Meet Dr. Mia Lustria – A professor and Chair of the Undergraduate Program in Information Technology at FSU’s iSchool (School of Information), within the College of Communication and Information (CCI). She has doctoral directive status at the iSchool and the School of Communication and also serves as adjunct faculty for the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine at the FSU College of Medicine.

In addition to her dedication to the university, Dr. Lustria has played active roles for various initiatives advocating for women in technology as well as the Asian American community at FSU and around Tallahassee. She has also supported FSU AAA since its inception and was a keynote speaker at the first-annual FSU AAA Alumni Weekend. She recently participated in a short interview so that others may get to know more about her – hobbies, interests and favorite Tally places.

Check out 20 Questions with Mia Lustria (courtesy of CCI News).